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released May 15, 2016

This baloney was written, performed (except where noted), recorded, and mixed by Beattie Bergstrom.
It was mastered by Mike Bond.



all rights reserved


Beattie Bergstrom Ottawa, Ontario

Beattie Bergstrom is a restless space cadet. He is a chemical imprint that is pleased to leave its mark.

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Track Name: Lucid
Free ligature
Some providence or Prozac shit
A naked voice to lift one's head in
Christmas bells and violent sprawls
Tonguing a limpid vision
My lapse of mouth or lucid witness

Ghosts and citrus warped on ergot
barely held the walls beneath in
some bout of sickness
My lapse of mouth or lucid witness
Lysergide, telling
Wrong mouth stewing pre-loved litmus
Awe in Hoffman's wake
Dirt path of virtuous existence

Pink little roses
coming out my head
Pushing up daisies and living
Track Name: Devil's Town
Processed mush rot my clickers
Syrup sweet hole in my gut
Yankee crack corn and you’re not here
This devil’s town’s fixed in debt
All but mine in the despot’s covenant
Yankee crack corn and I don’t care

Get high on light, traverse a room
Will not grasp a need for insects
fruitless in their own
incessant “bzzz”
‘round the heads
of fervid creatures mining plot in what they’ve known

Yankee crack corn and I don’t care
Track Name: Get In the Fast Lane: Get Lost
Here pretends
A severance of worth as viewed by tenants
of income, darling, stupid day job
Repress fate for wage sake
Slut shame for boy fake
and finance the need for a quick escape

Only pining for the piety of someone stepping down
Relegate yourself to nothing but a set of proper nouns
and you will make your namesake on waiting
‘cuz patience is in the hole with most of us

Wait life for rebate

(Impress mate for friends’ sake
Touch girl you won’t date)
Repress dreams for home safe
Wait life for rebate

What you want is what you make
What you need is what you hate

Backwards, forwards, sum of nothing
Shame the ones out trying something

Are you not tired of this age?
Trading life for love
It’s something we’re above
So quit your job and get your kicks
You’ll get answers when you find
that being human’s not enough
but it’s all you know
when the Western blues won’t let you go

(Will you screw off?)
Track Name: Won't Let Live
Something’s boring
Someone’s blue

Someone’s boring
Someone’s blue
Track Name: Colour of the River Running Through Us
In the hall of fame, one’s not one’s own
De minimis
Give away the right to tame the untame syndicate
Tie up the split seams
Pull the self-possessed threads gone so wrong
You stuck your claim
and it was treason drawn out, and us strung along
Struggle: trying to be
not he

Making progress in the way we speak
Plotting holes in virtues we hold strong and unbeknownst to thee
Never hurt the way we make our rounds
Jumping hurdles so we can love ourselves
It figures we’re so sad
and heedless and blown up, but folding inward
This in some facade that leaves nothing but apathy

Pack your bags and just go
Pack your bags and go far away

So it’s not what you wanted
but you got it
Is that something worth thanking for?
Did I make this hard for you?
Am I being a fucked-off fool?
If I am, it’s for you
and I don’t think I’ll ever take a loan to live
so again, I lose my way

I know